Vertical Experiment PR
33,000 m2
Mexico City

To understand the concept of this project, it is essential to understand the site. Commonly we assume that a buildings site refers to a portion of land. The true site of architecture is more than that, its an intangible space, its defined by expanded boundaries which need to include the surrounding environment and its temporal qualities.

For this project we decided not only to design the building, but also design the site. We decided to embrace the previously designed structure as the site, and include the site -in this case the structure- as the buildings aesthetic. It is a post-tensioned concrete structure that has spans of more than 42 ft. This allowed us to assign architectural program to this grid, a three-dimensional terrain.

In the same way that a good architect considers the site and makes it habitable, rather than one who forgets his surroundings and becomes detached from the site, we wanted the project to allow its inhabitants to coexist with the “site”, in other words, the structure.

The building expresses its infrastructure, it does not try to hide it, instead it tries to incorporate the activities of its inhabitants with it. The modules of the facade show the structure and sit on the ground which allow ramps, reception and the rest of the ground floor to be integrated into the structure. This is repeated at all the levels; the spacing between the structure allows the flexibility to subdivide and inhabit the space in different ways.

In general, in all areas of the project, the structure remains apparent and low-maintenance materials were selected that highlight its nature.

Photos by Tatiana Mestre Photography

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