PROJECT IV Exterior Appendix

SURFACE  75 m2

LOCATION Valle de Bravo, México

YEAR 2021




Appendixes are additions to existing projects. Appendix projects for MÉTODO respond to different or newer necessities that the original edifice and its users had intended. A very important part of our job, as architects, is to find, understand and propose the future use of buildings. It is a constant effort that comes from great communication with clients.


In this particular case, the existing building complex consisted of a weekend home comprised of bungalows, a house, a greenhouse, pool and a big garden. These spaces had the same aesthetic language but had the need of an “in-between space”. A neutral place where users could meet and hangout.


The main intention of this project was to create a pavilion that would work not only as a meeting point but a space that could merge the landscape and the existing architecture, at the same time that it generated leisure space where a user could read a book or simply contemplate its natural surroundings.


With this in mind, we chose materials that could mimic and fade into the existing architecture and its surroundings. We decided on a two-volume structure positioned in such a way that would let users admire the natural landscape and at the same time create an interesting show pattern depending on the time of the day. Also, the height differentiation intends to give each volume a specific use; one of the volumes has an active use and the other is intended for contemplation and relaxation.



Photos by Camila Cossio



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