Housing Experiment A
327.3 m2
Valle de bravo, México
Ingeniería Orca

Architecture has the effect of placing us in a certain context and of making possible the habitability of a site. In a sense it is the most important tool of man to be able to interact with the landscape or with the environment that surrounds us.

In places with imposing landscapes, architecture puts us on a scale and serves as a transition to be able to – distance – absorb the environment. Only through it can we appropriate a landscape and live it.

The purpose of House A is precisely to appropriate the privileged environment where it is located; it intends that the inhabitant lives the lake. The form of A that is characteristic of the houses of the area and is imposed by a local regulation, is exploited to its maximum potential to achieve this relationship. For this, it was important to ensure that the structure was part of all spaces and the program; additionally we wanted it to be a coherent element with the operation of the house.

The main view of the lake to the north and the sub-humid cold weather forced us to seek solar orientation in other directions. For this, side balconies were opened allowing us to receive solar radiation in the mornings and evenings, also taking advantage of the sharp angles of the A shape, which otherwise would have been useless.

The mixture of natural materials such as: stone, wood, steel and glass; together with the high-rise spaces create a warm and contemporary atmosphere. House A is a modern conception house with traditional materials and construction techniques of the site. It is a very efficient cutting edge metal structure adapted to a local construction system.

Photos by Tatiana Mestre Photography

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