Housing Experiment 3:2
470 m2
Mexico City

Architecture has always functioned as a photograph or a synthesis of mankind’s way of living over a period of time.
Since the industrial revolution with the introduction of new materials, tools of media reproduction and new means of transport, the traditional idea of an interior space, a closed space, in a dialogue between the interior and the exterior was transformed, as well as a negotiation on the privacy of spaces.

Housing Experimet 3:2 aims to question the physical and visual limits of how to live in a current family. It´s purpose is to create a space visually connected and continuous delimiting spaces by a blurred border between the private and public areas of the house.

The project is divided into 4 areas: Rooms in the private area; Library – study in the semi-private area; Room – dining room – garden in the public area and a service area. The private one opens towards the semi-private area and this opens towards the most public part. In this way we foster coexistence among the inhabitants of the house without losing the essence of the spaces.

Its large windows directed to the south make it a very comfortable house and the little diversity of its materials give a contemporary but timeless appearance.

Photos by Tatiana Mestre Photography

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