External Appendix I

186 m2
Valle de Bravo, México

Properly introducing new work in a particular context is of great importance, especially in interventions for existing projects, either remodels or extensions. In a way, the natural context in which they are placed is already influenced and forms an intrinsic part of the environment.

The project consisted in the extension to a house. On the other hand, the shape of the terrace responds to the topography of the garden and, through the use of natural materials, seeks to mimic the natural environment and become part of it.

Functionally, this “topographic architecture” activates this part of the terrain, which was underutilized by bringing the user to the lake. During the construction process, the existence of a large rock was described that could be used as a back wall of the master bedroom and that would emphasize the interest to give a function to the natural elements.

Photos by Tatiana Mestre Photography

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