External Appendix III
304 m2
Valle de Bravo, Edo. de México

From time to time, as architects we stumble upon a site with such unique characteristics, that it would seem impossible to make it better. In this case a 15,000 sq mts green lot surrounded by a staggering forest with a lake, in the middle of a mountain valley with magnificent views.

This project is an external appendix to an existing house that operates more as a pillar than as a common habitable space in a given site. Usually an Architect in a similar position would have the impulse to integrate the project to the site. This time, the main purpose is to perceive it as an independent structure.

The architectonic elements are placed in such a way that they connect –visually and functionally- the old house with the site and the context. For example, the swimming lane connects the house with the appendix in a straight line. Also, a transparent cube frames the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and brings them closer to the user. The time-stamp of the existing house demanded a discreet appendix with local and traditional materials.

The project is a habitable pillar that connects the old structure with the site. It is a pillar that brings closer the everyday activities of the existing house to the center of the lot, where the user can live the site and its surroundings.


Photos by Tatiana Mestre Photography

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